Sarah Quale: Practical Personhood, Biblical Pro-Life Activism, and Outreach

Sarah is the President of National Personhood Alliance Education which defends against all direct assaults on God’s design for life, marriage, family, sexuality, and gender, according to Genesis 1:26-28. Come listen to Sarah’s presentation about our “Critical Crossroads: What’s Working, What’s Not, and What’s Ahead” at this year’s Bringing America Back to Life Convention.

The Personhood Alliance’s legal and culture-shifting strategies focus on universal moral principles and equal protection for all human beings, from earliest biological beginning to natural death, without exception. The Christ-centered, biblically informed organization is dedicated to the non-violent advancement of personhood; the recognition and protection of the God-given, inalienable right to life of all human beings, at every stage of their biological development and in every circumstance.

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