Sarah Quale 2021:

“The Ethics and Scientific Facts of Operation Warp Speed Vaccines:” Sarah Quale is the president of Personhood Alliance Education, the founder of Educe® online learning, and the author of the Foundations online pro-life curriculum. Sarah is an award-winning curriculum and instructional designer, and for the past 20 years, has developed... [Read more...]

Jennifer Christie 2021:

“And a Child Shall Lead Them:” Jennifer Christie is the founder and Executive director of Love Louder, a no-exceptions, pro-life support system for women who have been victims of sexual assault. Jennifer made national headlines in 2014 when her story “Raped on a business trip – My husband and I chose life” went mega-viral... [Read more...]

Sarah Quale: Practical Personhood, Biblical Pro-Life Activism, and Outreach

Sarah is the President of National Personhood Alliance Education which defends against all direct assaults on God’s design for life, marriage, family, sexuality, and gender, according to Genesis 1:26-28. Come listen to Sarah’s presentation about our “Critical Crossroads: What’s Working, What’s Not, and What’s Ahead” at this year’s... [Read more...]

Sarah Quale 2020:

Sarah Quale is the founder of Educe® online learning and the president of Personhood Alliance Education. She is an award-winning curriculum and instructional designer and is passionate about educating people to stand for life, according to their unique calling. For nearly 20 years, Sarah developed product and sales training for Fortune 500 companies... [Read more...]

Sarah Quale

A gifted speaker, Sarah Quale is the president and founder of Educe™ online learning. For nearly 20 years, she developed product and sales training for Fortune 500 companies across a broad spectrum of industries. In academia, she designed institutional policies, degree programs, and coursework at the master’s and PhD... [Read more...]

Jennifer Christie, Friday 11:30-12:30AM

“Loving Louder: The Unexpected Gift of a Child from Rape” Jennifer’s story has resonated so vibrantly with the prolife community that her story “Raped While on a Business Trip – My Husband and I Chose Life!” went viral on numerous nationally recognized publications, including Live Action, LifeNews, and LifeSiteNews... [Read more...]

Elizabeth Johnston: “The Activist Mommy” Saturday 10-11AM

“Courageous Christianity in a Post-Christian Culture” “The Activist Mommy” is viral! (In a good way!) Elizabeth led the crusade to pull the print version of Teen Vogue off the shelves because of its danger to children. Her PullTeenVogue video went viral and got 12M views! Her website averages 1M views a month and her fb page... [Read more...]

Elizabeth Johnston

Elizabeth is the Activist Mommy, a vlogger who educates about current events and topics that are important to families. She and her husband Patrick, who is a medical doctor, speak at conferences and events and lead a pro-life ministry to rescue children from abortion. Elizabeth homeschools her 10 beautiful children and assists her husband with his many... [Read more...]

Jennifer Christie

Jennifer Christie is a wife, mother of 5, pro-life blogger, and pro-life speaker for SaveThe1. Jennifer’s story Raped While on a Business Trip – My Husband and I Chose Life! went viral after it was published on, in Live Action, Lifenews, and LifeSiteNews, along with various other publications, with over 1 million shares to Facebook.... [Read more...]

Friday’s Breakout Session Speakers!

 Kevin Theriot Senior Counsel & Vice President of the Center for Life at Alliance Defending Freedom “Free to Do No Harm (Right of Conscience for Healthcare Professionals)”  Sarah Quale & Dan Becker          Founder/President of SpeakLife & Founder/President of Personhood Alliance “Practical... [Read more...]

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