Our Incredible Saturday Dinner Speaker!

Our Incredible Saturday Dinner Speaker!

Matt Walsh: “Fight the Moral Apathy of Modern Culture”

If you have not heard of Matt Walsh before today and you missed his BABL presentation two years ago, then you are in for a treat and surprise. Matt is on the cutting edge of all “hot button” topics today. His vlog “rants” are becoming infamous in exposing the truth behind the liberal hypocrisy. No topic is too politically correct for Matt to share his blatant common sense commentary. Matt is uncompromisingly conservative, pro-life, pro-family, pro-natural marriage, and pro-truth. His often biting and sarcastic wit sheds light on the issues that are breaking down the moral fabric of our society. It comes as no surprise that he’s quite despised by the liberal left, but his stalwart defense of conservative values and morals has provided a loud and clear voice for the conservative movement urging us to take back our country and culture. No wonder Matt is being brought back to the Bringing America Back to Life Convention by popular demand!

Matt has spoken at many various events throughout the country and is a husband and proud father of twins.

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