Friday’s Breakout Session Speakers!

Friday’s Breakout Session Speakers!

 Kevin Theriot

Senior Counsel & Vice President of the Center for Life at Alliance Defending Freedom

“Free to Do No Harm (Right of Conscience for Healthcare Professionals)”

 Sarah Quale & Dan Becker


Founder/President of SpeakLife & Founder/President of Personhood Alliance

“Practical Pro-Life Philosophy: Ideas, Consequences, and a Principled Way Forward”

 Raymond DeSouza, KM

Founder/President of Sacred Heart Media

“The Culture of Death and the Gospel of Life”

 Adam Josefczyk & Jonathan Jakubowski


Forge Leadership Network

“The Future Belongs to YOU – Are You Ready?”

 Kristan Gray

Columnist, Speaker & Author

“No One Could Know”

 Anne Pierson

Founder/President of Loving & Caring

“The Heart (Loving) and the Soul (Caring) Joined Together”