Alex Schdenberg: “Coming Near to You: Euthanasia & Assisted Death”

Alex Schadenberg’s name has become synonymous with the fight against Euthanasia and Assisted Death. Alex is the executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, and he travels the world warning of this slippery slope. He is also the co-producer of the successful truth-telling film Fatal Flaws: Legalizing Assisted Death, uncovering the truth behind the twisted agenda of the so-called “death with dignity” culture. If you think Euthanasia isn’t something that you need to worry about, think again. Euthanasia is fast becoming one of the MOST important topics of our time, with proponents working tirelessly behind the scenes to systematically topple and undermine our health institutions. Come listen to Alex at this year’s Bringing America Back to Life Convention to break down their strategy and learn how we can fight back. He could not be returning to our Convention at a more appropriate time!

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