Roe v Wade: The Movie:

A preview of the movie will be presented on Friday Night by Co-producers, Nick Loeb & Cathy Allyn.  Roe v. Wade: The Movie, is a new dramatic film which which will show what happened from 1966 through 1973 that led to the Supreme Court’s decision declaring existing laws against abortion unconstitutional.
Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn, will be 2019’s Bringing America Back to Life Friday night gala dinner presenters. They recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox show to discuss the many obstacles the film faced. Nick Loeb also plans to reveal to viewers “how the media was manipulated” during that critical period. Loeb’s Fox interview is further evidence that Facebook is actively and covertly censoring conservative and pro-life viewpoints and thought.
As for Cathy Allyn, she believes that the movie is a film that “Hollywood” would prefer kept from the general public. “Hollywood does not want the truth to be told, and this movie is the truth,” Allyn said. “They have reduced abortion to an everyday procedure, comparative to going to the dentist. The women’s movement influenced it, and Hollywood has done everything they can to carry on that agenda.” Don’t miss Friday’s Gala dinner presenters!