Judith Reisman, Phd: Friday 10:30-11:30AM

“Seven Decades of Kinseyan Indoctrination” Judith has dedicated her life’s work to battling the pornography industry with a lifetime of knowledge and research from the Liberty University School of Law. She is Founder & Director; The Reisman Institute, Inc. and has appeared on a lengthy list of media sources that includes The Los... [Read more...]

Ryan T. Anderson, Friday Breakfast Keynote Speaker

“Understanding & Responding to Our Transgender Moment” The current transgender movement has the world reeling and asking the question, “What’s next?” Have you ever wondered how to respond to this growing trend? The liberals would have you cow down, accept, and laud this new movement. Anderson is going to give you the... [Read more...]

Ryan Bomberger: Saturday 4:00 to 5:00pm

“Less Activism. More Factivism.” Ryan Bomberger is an Emmy-Award winning author who was conceived in rape, but given a chance at life by his biological mother. He was later adopted into a multi-racial family of 15, and grew up with a great appreciation for diversity. He is Co-Founder, The Radiance Foundation and now a featured blogger on... [Read more...]

John Horvat II: Saturday 4:00 to 5:00pm

“Overcoming the Pro-Death Culture: What It Will Take for Pro-Lifers to Win” John Horvat has been researching what has gone wrong with America’s culture and economy for more than two decades. His writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Post, American Thinker, TheBlaze, Crisis, FOX News, The Washington Times,... [Read more...]

Scott JM Valencia: Saturday 2:30 to 3:30pm

“Defeating Evil Via Social Networks: Tools For the Life Affirming Pregnancy Centers” Scott Valencia is the president and founder of Shepherd Network Solutions, a social connections software that connects patients and clinics in a way that creates a durable bond. For nearly 25 years, Scott developed platform solutions to take products from... [Read more...]

Dr. Robert Epstein: Saturday 2:30 to 3:30pm

“A Warning! Your Personal Data Is Being Secretly Mined by Google and Other ‘Mega Tech’ Companies” Dr. Robert Epstein is a Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology (AIBRT). A Ph.D. of Harvard University, he has published 15 books on artificial intelligence, parenting, and other... [Read more...]

Wesley Smith Esq: Saturday 10:30-11:30AM

“Medical Conscience: Driving Prolifers Out of Medicine” Welsey J. Smith was named one of the nation’s premier expert thinkers in bioengineering by the National Journal in 2004. In 2008, the Human Life Foundation named him a Great Defender of Life for his work against assisted suicide and euthanasia. His Human Exceptionalism blog, hosted... [Read more...]

Star Parker, Saturday Dinner Keynote Speaker

“Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Will Help End Abortion” Star Parker returns to close the 2019 Bringing America Back to Life Convention as our Saturday Gala Dinner Presenter. It’ll be one big finale! Star is one of the names on the short list of national black conservative leaders. She is the founder and president of the Center for Urban... [Read more...]

Your Prayers Needed! Before & During the Convention: Prayer SignUp!

Will you HELP us cover our volunteers, presenters, and participants in your prayers? Prayer is such an important part of the pro-life movement.  Please sign up to dedicate your prayers for this important work!  There are two options…pray BEFORE the convention or pray DURING the convention, (or BOTH!)  It’s easy…SIGN... [Read more...]

Alan Keyes, Saturday Breakfast Keynote Speaker

“Why Abortion Must Be Banned” Alan Keyes, conservative political activist & pundit will start off our Saturday morning Convention as our Keynote Breakfast speaker. Best known for his pro-life, pro-family presidential runs, Keyes has been involved in government, politics, and citizen activism for many decades. He rose to prominence as... [Read more...]

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