Nick Loeb & Cathy Allyn: Friday Dinner Keynote Speakers

Nick Loeb & Cathy Allyn: Friday Dinner Keynote Speakers

“Roe v Wade: The Movie”

Nick Loeb and Cathy Allyn are the co-producers and writers of the controversial “Roe v. Wade: The Movie”. The WaPo said in comments about the recently released rough draft of the trailer, “The film’s cast is a veritable who’s who of conservative Hollywood: Jon Voight stars as Chief Justice Warren Burger; Steve Guttenberg portrays Justice Lewis Powell; John Schneider is Justice Byron White; Jamie Kennedy plays abortion rights activist Larry Lader; and Stacey Dash takes on the role of Mildred Jefferson, the co-founder of the National Right to Life Committee. Loeb himself does double duty, directing and starring as Bernard Nathanson, a physician who was a co-founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League before becoming an activist in the antiabortion rights movement.”

The trailer, which was released at the March for Life, will be shown at the Bringing America Back to Life Convention Friday night Gala Dinner! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Watch the Teaser Trailer Here on LifeSiteNews

Click here to listen to Molly interviewing Nick & Cathy on From the Median:

Get your tickets now…you will NOT want to miss this!