Abby Johnson – Friday Gala Dinner Presenter!

Do not miss Abby Johnson’s gala dinner presentation on Friday night (7-9:30pm) entitled, “And Then There Were None!” Abby’s name has become synonymous with the prolife movement’s fight against Planned Parenthood.  Abby is the perfect person to lead this fight as she was a director at Planned Parenthood until 2009, when she dramatically left the abortion industry and found forgiveness, mercy, and redemption in the prolife movement. Now she helps reveal the deception of the abortion industry and helps other abortion workers to get out.  Abby’s experience within the “lion’s den” can help us all to dismantle the abortion lies and deceptions.  Don’t miss her powerful testimony and Gala Dinner presentation on Friday, March 10th!  Abby was just a part of a panel on the issue of Defunding Planned Parenthood (a topic dear to us all).  Click here to watch a replay of the recent nationwide webcast.