Robia Scott 2020:

Robia Scott 2020:

Robia Scott is a sought-after Christian speaker, coach, and author who imparts practical, applicable, Biblical tools for transformation. Shorty after becoming a Christian, Robia sensed that her twenty-year career in Hollywood as a professional dancer and actress was coming to a close. She followed the prompting of the Lord and launched into full-time ministry in 2004. Over the past fifteen years, Robia has traveled extensively, now using her God-given gifts of communication and expression as an artist for the Kingdom of God. She is a sought after church and conference speaker. Her teaching specializes in emotional healing, experiencing the presence of God, and encountering the person and power of the Holy Spirit. Robia had no intention of returning to acting or to Hollywood, but God had another plan. Through an “only God” series of events, Robia was introduced to the writers of the hit film, God’s Not Dead. They shared the story of their latest project, Unplanned, and invited Robia to audition. Shortly after auditioning, Robia was offered a leading role as Cheryl, the clinic director of Planned Parenthood.

At first, Robia was wary of the intensity of the role and subject matter but quickly had a strong knowing that she was to play this character in this “for such a time as this film.” Once on set, there was a feeling in the air and camaraderie between the directors, producers, cast and crew that what was being created corporately was far larger than the individuals involved. There was a sense that this film had the potential to shift culture, and that Unplanned was not your average movie, but could usher in a movement.

When she is not ministering or acting, she lives in Southern California with her two favorite people on earth: her husband, James, and their daughter, Gemma.


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