Gordon Douglas

Gordon Douglas is a professional comedian, philanthropist, advocate for life, and parent extraordinaire.  Imagine what you would get if the Energizer bunny and Gilligan had a child… add a touch of God’s grace and you get Gordon Douglas! He has been a husband for over 25 years, a father of 19 kids, a pastor of a church, the owner of a construction company, a head board member of his local pregnancy center, and founder of Operation Bellylaughs, which sends comedy DVDs to troops overseas.  When Gordon and his wife, Dawn, were told they couldn’t have children, they opened their hearts and home to 14 boys and several girls (two of whom were under house arrest!).  Then, to show that He has a sense of humor, God blessed them with 5 children the doctors said were impossible.  Gordon and his wife were named Pennsylvania’s Parents of the Year in 2009.  Gordon has performed in 37 states and 4 countries for all kinds of groups and has even been featured on Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines!  In his “spare time,” he is still the president of Therapeutic Construction and Design- making custom equipment for those with disabilities.