Dr. William Thierfelder: Leading Life with Integrity

Dr. William K. Thierfelder is the President of Belmont Abbey College–founded by Benedictine monks over 138 years ago, the college embodies the Benedictine tradition of prayer and learning by educating students to lead lives of integrity, to succeed professionally, to become responsible citizens and to be a blessing to themselves and to others. Dr. Thierfelder has published a new book: Less Than a Minute to Go: The Secret to World Performance in Sport, Business and Everyday Life. In his book, Thierfelder teaches powerful techniques to perform at the highest level both on and off the field. As a student at the University of Maryland he dominated the high jump, winning fame as an All-American and National Champion. Later he earned his doctorate in sports psychology. He became a private coach and mentor to the world’s top athletes. In Less Than A Minute to Go, he shares the athletic drills he’s taught the world’s best athletes, from Olympians to Super Bowl stars. He shows how to develop an unyielding focus. And he flags the false motivators which can lead to bum-out and inconsistent performance, and which derail too many dreams of success. He shows how sports can and should engage the highest parts of our nature that, in fact, only when we are so engaged can we truly excel. And he reveals how sports train and prepare us for other arenas-where we all are players-and how to succeed on and off the field.

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