Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse: Inspiring the Survivors of the Sexual Revolution

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, founder and president of The Ruth Institute, has a new book coming out soon. The Sexual Revolution and Its Victims is a collection of 35 prophetic essays by Dr. Morse written over the past two decades. Dr. Morse is one of few academicians who rightly foresaw the poisonous ideology of the Sexual Revolution and the pain, grief, and ultimately the loneliness, that it has foisted on our culture, even now. Check out www.ruthinstitute.org to find out when the new book will be released.

Dr. Morse will be back in Ohio, where she grew up, in March for our Bringing America Back to Life Conference. She will be giving a presentation entitled, “The Impact of Re-Defining Marriage on Children and Society.” The current drive to remove the gender requirement from marriage is not the first step in the Sexual Revolution, nor will it be the last. In her provocative presentation, Dr. Morse situates the currently fashionable movement to redefine marriage within the broader philosophical and historical stream of the Sexual Revolution. She shows that redefining marriage redefines parenthood and explores the profound and lasting consequences.

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