Dr. Benjamin Wiker

Dr. Benjamin Wiker

Benjamin Wiker is, first of all, a husband and a father of seven children. He graduated from Furman University with a B.A. in Political Philosophy. He has an M.A. in Religion and a Ph.D. in Theological Ethics, both from Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Wiker taught at Marquette University, then St. Mary’s University (MN), Thomas Aquinas College (CA), and is now Professor of Political Science and Director of Human Life Studies at Franciscan University (OH). During these many years of teaching, he offered a wide variety of courses in political philosophy, philosophy, theology, history, the history and philosophy of science, the history of ethics, the Great Books, Latin, and even mathematics.

Dr. Wiker is a Senior Fellow at the Veritas Center for Ethics and Public Life, Franciscan University, and Director of Human Life Studies at Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH. He has published 14 books. He is also the writer and host of EWTN’s Saints vs Scoundrels.

Benjamin Wiker’s Presentation “The Deepest Cultural Divide that Defines the Pro-Life Struggle” is available below: