Dan Clark: The Art of Significance

Dan Clark: The Art of Significance

Dan Clark is more than just a master motivator–he helps transform his listeners and readers. Dan is one of the most fascinating people you might ever come across. His list of accolades is a mile long. What hasn’t he done, accomplished. or overcome? He’s a New York Times bestselling author, screenwriter, gold record winning songwriter and recording artist, university professor, international consultant, CEO, award winning athlete who fought his way back from a paralyzing injury, husband and father, philanthropist, adventurer, journalist, Olympic torch bearer, cancer survivor, and the list goes on…

To call Dan an adventurer seems to be an understatement for someone who has ridden elephants in Thailand and camels in Morocco, flown fighter jets with the Thunderbirds, ridden a motorcycle across the US, flown in Blackhawk helicopters over Baghdad, spoken to troops in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan, travelled into space, raced sled dogs in the Arctic, slept in an igloo at 60 degrees below, raced automobiles in Germany, and has rubbed elbows with more celebrities than one could count.

But among Dan’s hundreds of experiences that make him one of the most credible and impressive speakers, he singles out five experiences that he calls “S.E.E.”–Significant Emotional Experiences that move us in a way where we can never be the same. Dan’s five S.E.E.’s are: a volunteer mission for his church, the paralyzing football injury and recovery, marriage and kids, his dad’s death, and visiting our brave troops in Southwest Asia.

You will not want to miss Dan on Saturday, March 7th–Keynote Lunch Speaker!

To find out more about Dan’s amazing life and works, check out his website here.