Brad Hahn, Friday 4:00-5:00PM

Brad Hahn, Friday 4:00-5:00PM

“Preserving Christian Morals and Ethics in Paying for Our Healthcare”

Brad Hahn is CEO, Solidarity HealthShare. He is a profoundly committed Christian who helped found Solidarity HealthShare as a way for Americans to have a moral and affordable way to cover medical care costs. Hailing from Phoenix as an attorney, Hahn is a valuable member of many organizations, including Canon Law Society of America, the Catholic Medical Association, and is an Allied Attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom. He speaks at churches and conferences throughout the U.S. on religious liberty, conscience issues as they relate to healthcare, and other bioethical decision-making issues.

Hahn is a also veteran of the U.S. Air Force as well as the Arizona and Washington Air National Guard.

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Brad Hahn
CEO, Solidarity HealthShare