Dr. Jennifer Morse 2020:

Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. is the founder of the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit organization that defends the family at home and in the public square and equip others to do the same. She is passionate about equipping family advocates with the knowledge and confidence to defend the family at home and in the public square. Dr. Morse was a campaign... [Read more...]

Dr. Jennifer Morse: Are YOU a Sexual Revolution Survivor

Chances are you are a survivor of the Sexual Revolution and you may or may not even know it. Are you a child of divorce, a child of unmarried parents, a reluctantly divorced person, a heartbroken career woman, a post-abortive woman or man, a donor conceived person, a refugee from the hook-up culture? Even if you are none of these, then you probably... [Read more...]

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

Speaking at the 2015 Bringing America Back to Life Convention: “The Impact of Re-Defining Marriage on Children and Society.” Click here to listen. Click here for more information.  Read More →

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

Dr. Morse is the president of the Ruth Institute, a non-profit organization committed to inspiring survivors of the Sexual Revolution. She is the author of “Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village,” “101 Tips for a Happier Marriage,” and “Smart Sex: Finding Life-long Love in a Hook-up World,” as well as numerous pamphlets... [Read more...]