Stephen Bittinger

Stephen Bittinger

Stephen Bittinger is the founder and president of Scion Tree, Inc., an organization dedicated to assisting adoptive families with funding and information, providing direct care to orphaned children domestically and abroad, and by advocating for the rights of orphaned children in the legal arenas of adoption and anti-human trafficking. A graduate of Kent State University, John Carroll University, and the University of Akron School of Law, Bittinger currently practices law at Nee | Bittinger,LLC. He primarily practices healthcare law, business law, civil litigation, and adoption law–focusing on representing adoption agencies in complex regulatory and litigation matters and individuals in private adoptions. Bittinger has also represented health care providers across multiple disciplines–nurses, medical groups, medical facilities, and medical consultants. Bittinger takes great joy in adoption law. Personally, Bittinger is delighted to have been married to the love of his life for over twelve years and to be the father of four children. His two youngest children were adopted from Ethiopia, which has fueled a great personal passion for adoption and orphan cases for him, his wife, and all of his children.

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“Adoption: The Legal Realities and Risks of The Abortion Antidote”

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