Hugh Brown

Hugh Brown

Hugh Brown has been involved in the pro-life movement for most of his life.  The eldest son of Paul Brown and Judie Brown, co-founder and president of American Life League (ALL), Hugh currently serves on the board of American Life League and is ALL’s executive vice-president.

Hugh hosts a podcast on Ave Maria Radio titled  “Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death” in which he addresses current attacks by the culture of death on our young people, and through guest interviews and practical experience, let listeners know how they can take prayerful, peaceful, and effective action.

In 2004, motivated by his desire to ensure that his daughter Emily and other students could continue to receive a quality Catholic education beyond middle school, Hugh worked alongside his wife Ann and others to open St. Michael the Archangel High School in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  “We are raising and training the next generation of pro-life leaders and Catholic leaders—men and women who will not flinch in the face of our eroding culture.  Nothing is more important,” says Hugh, who also serves as the head coach of the school’s football team.

Hugh has led a life dedicated to God, family, and the culture of life. He offers the following words to fortify us all in the fight to build a culture of life:

“People know abortion is wrong. The truth is written onto every person’s heart.  It requires fortitude to stand up for Christ, to stand for the truth.  Have no fear. Christ will never leave you or forsake you. You can change the world through the strength of your faith in Christ; you just have to believe that.”

Hugh and his wife Ann have five children.


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