Sol Pitchon

Sol Pitchon has been President and CEO of New Life Solutions since 1999. Sol is a Greek Jew, born in Thessalonica, Greece, who immigrated to America in 1951 and became a Christian in 1981. Pitchon shares his passion for the unborn and the amazing story of how his mother survived a Nazi surgical sterilization attempt during the Holocaust.  As a Jewish-Christian whose parents were holocaust survivors, Pitchon feels it a privilege and his destiny to work in the Holocaust of abortion in the Pregnancy Center Movement. He is married, the father of five grown children, and has thirteen grandchildren. Before joining New Life Solutions, Sol was a Christian Psychotherapist, having spent five years in private practice.  He also worked three years in a psychiatric hospital setting for Rapha, a Christian inpatient program. He has a BA degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida and received his Masters degree in Counseling from Liberty University.

Click here to listen to his presentation to the 2015 Bringing America Back to Life Convention:

“The Holocaust Then & The Holocaust Now.”

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