Reggie Littlejohn: A Relaxation of China’s One Child Policy?

Reggie Littlejohn: A Relaxation of China’s One Child Policy?

Littlejohn Reggie 3 If you’ve heard rumors that China’s One Child Policy has been “eased,” “relaxed,” or “revised” so that it is a thing of the past, then think again. Is the One Child Policy abolished? NO. But how can one fight against the state-sponsored violence against women and children when people think it has already been overturned? The minor modification of the policy made last January (2014) supposedly allows couples in which either parent is an only child to have a second child. People heralded this as a victory over the One Child Policy; however, what they do not tell you is that this “tweaking” of the policy does not affect a large percentage of couples in China, does not eliminate the “birth intervals” (if a woman gets pregnant before the interval has lapsed, she may be subject to forced abortion), and makes no promise to end the coercive enforcement of the Policy. The One Child Policy does not need to be revised, it needs to be abolished.

John-Henry Westen’s LifeSiteNews covered an October 2014 event concerning the One Child Policy co-hosted by Reggie Littlejohn’s organization, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers. As Reggie said at this event, “It constitutes the greatest women’s rights violation on the face of the earth and in the history of the world.” Click here to read the entire article on LifeSiteNews.

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