Pamela Acker: Saturday Afternoon Presentation!

Pamela Acker, an author and biologist, is making her first appearance at BABL. She has recently written a book that provides a balanced examination of the whole subject of vaccination from a Christian perspective. Pamela holds a Master of Science degree in biology and has taught science in a variety of settings from middle school to college. She has also conducted research in vaccine delivery using T4 bacteriophage nanoparticles, and was briefly involved in researching novel gene regulation mechanisms in C. elegans. Ms. Acker’s research has given her a unique perspective both on the novel technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines and also the controversy regarding the use of the HEK-293 aborted fetal cell line in the development of pharmaceutical products.  Pamela’s presentation is entitled: “Biomedical Human Trafficking: The Importance of the Vaccine Debate”

Listen to a sneak-peek at Pamela’s presentation.