Maria Dean

Maria Dean, after 30 years as a CPA advising clients in many industries on business and tax issues and co-owning businesses with her husband, Maria now focuses her energies and attention to issues that affect the increasingly post-Christian, secular world around us.  As a married mother of four young adult children, she is painfully aware of the damage done to every institution in society by the excesses and moral decay facilitated by the sexual revolution and its aftermath.  Maria now devotes her time to learning and sharing the principles that made Western Civilization great, in hopes that today’s young adults and successive generations can return to an ethos of life, liberty, and the pursuit of true happiness.  Maria served as former chairperson of the Bringing America Back to Life Convention and is currently a regular contributor to “From the Median” with Molly Smith as the Cleveland Right to Life resident book reviewer.  Additionally, she is actively involved with Young Catholic Professionals in Cleveland, and is the Treasurer and Program Chair for Legatus of Cleveland, an organization of Catholic Business Leaders and their spouses.

Maria Dean’s presentation: “A View From The Median: Ideas and Their Consequences” is available below: