Alan B. Moy MD 2021:

Alan B. Moy MD 2021:

“The Ethics and Scientific Facts of Operation Warp Speed Vaccines:”

Dr. Alan Moy is the CEO of Cellular Engineering Technologies (CET), a biotech company that manufactures human stem cells. He is also the founder of the John Paul II Medical Research Institute (JP2MRI), a non-profit devoted to translating ethical adult stem cells to treat orphan diseases, degenerative neurological diseases, regenerative medicine, and cancer.

He served on faculty and was tenured in the Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care, and the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Iowa. His academic research focused on acute lung and cardiovascular injury. His academic research was supported by NIH and multiple private organizations.  In 2005, he left academia to start CET and JP2MRI.

He has received several academic and industry honors. Under his leadership, his team published highly recognized scientific reports which create ethical pluripotent stem cells at lower tumor and infectious risk than embryonic stem cells and early synthetic pluripotent stem cells. CET recently received funding by NIH to commercialize this technology. His team has also developed novel technologies that create ethical human cell lines with the objective of supplying the biopharmaceutical industry with safer, cost-effective, and reproducible human cells to manufacture advanced medicines.


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YouTube removed this presentation because they deemed it “medical disinformation” even though the presenter is a highly qualified medical doctor.  We have therefore posted it on Rumble which is a platform that does not censor content…

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