Youth Leadership Presentation

If you are a high school student (10th through 12th grade) or college student with strong leadership qualities and a desire to use your talents to build a Culture of Life then we have an exciting opportunity for you!  We are still working on the 2018 program so please check back for details.

Last year, The Forge Leadership Network in Conjunction with the Bringing America Back to Life Convention presented a one-of-a-kind pro-life program, titled “The Future Belongs to YOU.  Are You Ready?”  Adam Josefczyk and Jonathan Jakubowski from Forge Leadership talked about the paradigm shift that has occurred in the culture and provided a solid, God-filled path forward.

The following short video gives an introduction to the Forge Leadership Network:

In 2018 we will be presenting a similarly challenging workshop.  Please check back for details.  Scholarships will be available.

For More Information Contact us by Clicking Here.

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