Brad & Jesi Smith

Brad & Jesi Smith are speakers and authors for Save the 1 and founders of the pro-life blog LittleFaithToBigFaith. Though their pro-life views were developed long before their marriage and children, Brad and Jesi Smith’s fifth child, Faith, tested and ultimately strengthened those views. Faith was diagnosed in the womb with “fatal fetal anomalies”... [Read more...]

John Smeaton: SPUC Youth Conference Forming the Next Pro-Life Generation

John Smeaton, chief executive director of SPUC (Society for the Protection of Unborn Children), has been shaping and reshaping the pro-life movement in England for the past 40 years. And now they are helping to shape the next generation of pro-life activists. At the same time that John Smeaton will be presenting at our Bringing America Back to Life... [Read more...]