Saturday’s Breakout Session Speakers!

Saturday’s Breakout Session Speakers!

 Gabriele Kuby

Author of: “The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom.”

“Gender-Ideology – Rebellion Against the Order of Creation”

 Dale Bellis & Bradley Hahn


CEO of Liberty Health Share & Founder of Solidarity Health Share

“Restoring Faith and Freedom in Healthcare: The Time is Now”

 Michael Hichborn

Founder/President of The Lepanto Institute

“The Unholy Alliance of Charities and the Culture of Death”

Monica Kelsey


Founder of Save Haven Baby Boxes

“Save Haven Baby Boxes – Saving Abandoned Babies”

Dr. Les Ruppersberger

Immediate Past President, Catholic Medical Association

“The New Reproductive Science: Fact or Fiction”

Maria Dean

“From the Median” Book Reviewer

“The Books You Read Can Make or Break You”