Reggie Littlejohn

Reggie Littlejohn is the founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, an international coalition to expose and oppose forced abortion, gendercide, and sexual slavery in China. An acclaimed international expert on China’s One Child Policy, Littlejohn has testified six times at the US Congress, three times at the European Parliament, and has presented at the British, Irish, and Canadian Parliaments. She has revealed China’s policy to be a systematic, state-sponsored violence against women and works tirelessly to end forced abortion and gendercide. As a foremost expert in the field, Littlejohn has briefed officials in the White House, the State Department, the UN, and the Vatican as well as being interviewed on CNN, C-SPAN, and the BBC. A dynamic speaker, Reggie has spoken at Harvard and Stanford law schools, Johns Hopkins and George Washington Universities, the Heritage Foundation, and was the keynote speaker at the 2013 March for Life Canada and the 2013 National ProLife Convention in Dallas. Also, as a graduate of Yale Law School, Littlejohn has represented Chinese refugees in their political asylum cases.

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“Why is Gendercide the Real War on Women?”

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