Michael Voris Interviews Molly Smith on the Impact of the Convention

Michael Voris, Executive Producer of St. Michael’s Media, and Molly Smith, President of Cleveland Right to Life, discuss how The Bringing America Back to Life Convention is becoming the premier prolife event in the nation. Drawing the top names in the fields of abortion, euthanasia, contraception, natural marriage, and bioethics, the Convention brings together a wide variety of speakers with at times a variance of opinions. The beauty of the Convention format is to pool these various groups and ideas to combine forces to defeat the enemy. It is useless to cannibalize and attack each other; rather we must join together to attack the enemy and preserve the dignity of all human life. Cleveland Right to Life has realized that the attack on life goes further and deeper than just the abortion issue. Abortion is the pinnacle of the volcano, but we must not ignore the underlying issues that make up the base of the volcano–euthanasia, gay marriage, contraception, third party reproduction, and all the other issues that undermine and denigrate life and family. The Convention does not ignore any of the issues and strives to show how they connect and must be fought on every level possible. The Convention brings together Right to Life focused groups so that we can all fight together to Bring America Back to Life.
Listen to Michael Voris interview Molly Smith in this short 11 minute video here:

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