Michael Voris

Michael Voris is the founder and president of St. Michael’s Media and senior executive producer of ChurchMilitant.TV—two media enterprises established to address the serious erosion of the Catholic Faith in the last 50 years. Voris has a degree in Communications from the University of Notre Dame and his Sacred Theology Baccalaureate from the Angelicum in Rome. Voris started his career as a television news reporter, anchor, and producer with CBS and Fox affiliates, where he received four Emmy Awards for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism. After close to twenty years as a lukewarm Catholic, Michael had a “reversion” to the Catholic Faith and invested all his savings into St. Michael’s Media and began producing TV programs aimed at helping other Catholics better understand the faith. Voris has been invited to speak at hundreds of gatherings, many of them international, and he carries a message of the need for a stalwart defense and promotion of life, truth, and Catholic Doctrine.

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“How do we know The Truth?”

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