Jason Jones, Bella producer, to Headline at Bringing America Back to Life!

Jason Jones is most well known for producing the prolife movie, Bella, and the short film, Crescendo, which have inspired hundreds of women in crisis pregnancies to choose life. But Jason is no stranger to the prolife moviement (movement). He was the director of Hawaii Right to Life, national youth director for ALL (American Life League), and PR director for HLI (Human Life International)–some of the nations largest and most influential prolife organizations. His work extends even further into the human rights arena with his organization HERO (Human-Rights Education and Relief Organization) and I Am Whole Life, non-profit organizations helping the poor and suffering of the world.

Read Jason’s most recent article, “It’s Zero Tolerance Time for Sharia, But Trump’s Plan Won’t Work” –commenting on the hot button issues of today: immigration, presidential candidates, sharia law, etc.