Gabriele Kuby – 2017 Keynote Speaker!

Gabriele Kuby, author of The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom, will be one of our keynote speakers at our 2017 Bringing America Back to Life Convention.  Gabriele was a student of sociology at the Free University of Berlin in 1967, a pivotal year of upheaval and rebellion among students. She completed her Masters degree under the direction of Ralph Dahrendorf at the University of Konstanz, following which she worked as a translator and interpreter for twenty years. After her conversion to the Catholic faith in 1997 she became a successful author of books on spiritual and political issues and an international speaker.

Gabriele will join Molly Smith  in the near future on “From the Median” radio program which airs on Salem’s AM 1220 The Word and AM 1500 Faith Talks, to discuss her work and her journey to becoming one of the most influential Christian voices in Western Europe.  Don’t miss this opportunity!  Sign up here to receive our newsletter so you can listen to this upcoming interview.