Dr. Patrick Lee–The “No Harm” Argument for Gay Marriage

Recently, Dr. Patrick Lee was featured on FaithAndReason.com, an online educational outreach of the Franciscan University of Steubenville. In this short three and a half minute video, Dr. Lee explains how allowing the state to redefine marriage can actually harm everyone. When the state allows and endorses same-sex unions, it reduces marriage to a romantic/emotional level and thereby eliminating the need for exclusivity and permanence. This permanence and exclusivity are precisely what’s needed in society to bring about and raise children, the fruit of natural marriage.

Watch Dr. Lee elegantly dismantle the “No Harm” argument by watching the video here:

And come see Dr. Lee’s presentation entitled “How to Make the Logical Case for Life” on Friday, March 6th. His logical approach to bioethics will give you the “weapons” to arm yourself in the battle for life!