Judith Reisman Ph.D

Judith Reisman Ph.D

Dr. Judith Reisman successfully spent much of her career laying the foundations for deconstructing both ‘soft pornography’ and ‘Kinsey myths’. Her work, uncovering and documenting systemic perversion by well-funded efforts in academia, politics, business and media, sheds light on what spawned the ‘sexual from birth’ dogma and helped to launch the global pollution of classrooms and institutions, our print and broadcast media and, indeed, the internet.
Dr. Judith Reisman brings a lifetime of knowledge and research to Liberty University School of Law as Research Professor. She has conducted a lifelong fight against the pornography industry, and since 1977 has fervently exposed the fraudulent sex science of Dr. Alfred Kinsey.

She has been cited by or appeared on a lengthy list of media sources that includes The London Times, Time, The Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, The Washington Post, Entertainment Tonight, Larry King Live, Donahue, The Today Show, Crossfire, The New York Times, and many more.
Dr. Reisman has been an expert witness in many court, military, and civic hearings concerning pornography, homosexuality, sexual harassment, and media issues. Her works have been referenced in many lower court cases and the following United States Supreme Court cases: Oakes v. Massachusetts (1989) and Osborne v. Ohio (1989). They have been instrumental in child protection legislation such as HR 2749 (Washington, D.C., 1995), The Child Protection and Ethics in Education Act.

Judith Reisman’s Presentation “Seven Decades of Kinseyan Indoctrination” is available below:

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