Alana Newman

Alana Newman, Founder “Anonymous Us” Project, speaking at the 2014 Bringing America Back to Life Symposium: “Conceived as a result of “third party reproduction” Alana asks the question “Are there ethical considerations for human reproduction using human egg/sperm donation?” A daughter of a sperm-donor and once an egg-donor herself, Alana Newman is now one of the most outspoken critics of Third Party Reproduction (3PR).

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Alana has appeared in Newsweek, The Washington Post, Women’s Health, The Public Discourse, First Things, and NPR. Alana is the founder of The Anonymous Us Project—a website allowing people to voice their opinions and experiences with 3PR, and she is in pre-production on a film called Adam & Eva dealing with issues relating to 3PR. Alana is also a talented singer—her indie-folk songs have been heard on BBC2 and radio stations around the world. Her digital album is called The Misuse of Chemistry.