Dr. Paul Saba: “Physicians for Social Justice” Saturday 4:00-5:00PM

“I Don’t Kill People: A Physician’s Case Against Assisted Suicide” Dr. Paul Saba has dedicated his career to community and social causes, mostly as co-founder and co-president of the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice. His public advocacy includes promoting free medications for the poor, nutritional support for the elderly,... [Read more...]

Dr. Paul Saba

Paul Saba was born and raised in Lachine, Quebec, Canada where he currently practices family medicine both in the community and in the hospital. For the past 10 years he has been President of the local council of physicians, dentists, and pharmacists at the Lachine Hospital which is part of the McGill University Health Center. However, his medical journey... [Read more...]

Stephanie Block

Stephanie Block, editor of Los Pequeños de Cristo’s monthly publication The Pepper, speaking at the 2013 Bringing America Back to Life Symposium on: “Infiltration of Alinskyianism into Social Justice.” Block specializes in issues concerning Catholic social justice and Church dissent. She recently published her four part volume on Alinsky organizing... [Read more...]