Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Pastor Artur Pawlowski

Artur Pawlowski is a Canadian clergyman and civil and human rights activist. Though he has been fined, sentenced to jail time and censored, he never stopped fighting for freedom.

Pastor Pawlowski first gained the media’s attention during the pandemic in 2021 when he was fined for allegedly breaking lockdown rules for feeding the homeless in downtown Calgary.  He was further persecuted by the government after refusing to allow the Canadian police into his church service during the pandemic. In a recent From the Median podcast, he recounted his rightful refusal of church entry because they did not have a warrant. Pastor Pawlowski stated that the encounter was caught on film and the YouTube video has since received millions of views from people who had been subjected to a “year of shutdowns and infringements on our liberties,” stated Artur Pawlowski.

Pastor Pawlowski is a Polish immigrant who grew up behind the Iron Curtain and came to Canada in search of freedom, which was being taken away by the government meant to protect it. He came under the spotlight of Canadian officials again in 2023, when he gave a sermon to the participants of the Freedom Convoy. Because of that sermon, where he offered hope, and support, and encouraged peaceful demonstration; he was arrested, imprisoned, charged, and convicted of terrorism. No stranger to authoritarian government, Artur Pawlowski recognizes the importance of standing up, speaking out, and rallying support. He declared, “Hope is dangerous to those who do not want you to be hopeful.” He calls Christians to be the voice of truth in these troubled times.


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