Scott Valencia

Scott Valencia

Scott Valencia is the president and founder of Shepherd Network Solutions, a social connections software that connects patients and clinics in a way that creates a durable bond. For nearly 25 years, Scott developed platform solutions and training to take products from single markets to global distribution, both physical and online, for Fortune 500 companies such as News Corp. As COO of DMA Holdings, Scott was responsible for implementing product integration in 18 countries with a user base of 67 million monthly users and 280,000 daily CCU. A gifted speaker, Scott has spoken at international events in Singapore, China, Turkey, and the UK.

In 2015, he shifted his focus to the prolife movement in the state of Iowa, as COO of Iowa Right to Life where he noticed a divergence in strategies between organizations has left the state with 40 years of minimal legislative movement. Using past experience Scott helped bring the over 35 state organizations together to form the Coalition of Prolife Leaders, of which he is currently chairman. Over the last two state general assemblies the coalition has helped passed the state defunding of abortion clinics, a 20 week ban, and a state heartbeat law.

Scot Valencia’s Presentation “Defeating Evil Via Social Networks (Tools for the Life Affirming Pregnancy Centers” is available below:

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