Mary Eberstadt

Mary Eberstadt, Sr. Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center speaking at the 2014 Bringing America Back to Life Symposium on: “Myths About the Sexual Revolution”. Eberstadt is one of the nation’s leading cultural critics and religion scholars.  A research fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and The Hoover Institute, she also serves as a consulting editor of Policy Review.

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Eberstadt has written several best-selling books–most recently How the West Really Lost God: A New Theory of Secularization. Eberstadt has twice been awarded the prestigious “Sidney” award for best essay writing of the year from New York Times columnist David Brooks. Her work has appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including First Things, Policy Review, Weekly Standard, and The Wallstreet Journal. Eberstadt graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University, where she was a four-year Telluride Scholar.