KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall, Former Prosecutor and Constitutional Expert speaking at the 2014 Bringing America back to life Symposium on: “Why we Must Defend our Constitution so as to Defend the Right to Life”  This presentation is designed to also appeal to our youth.  KrisAnne is an attorney and former prosecutor, fired after teaching the Constitution to Tea Party groups.

Click here to listen to Kris Ann Hall.

She is a disabled veteran of the US Army, a Russian linguist, a mother, a pastor’s wife, and a patriot. She travels the country teaching the history that gave us our founding documents. Born and raised in St. Louis, she received her undergraduate degree in Bio-Chemistry from Blackburn College and her J.D. from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. KrisAnne has written books and produced a DVD series for adults and children trying to reclaim our American history. KrisAnne resides in Florida with her husband, Chris, and her adopted son, Colton.