James Rossetti

Dr. James M. Rossetti speaking at the 2011 Bringing America Back to Life Symposium on Stem Cells: The Hope, the Hype, the Truth. The mind of the collective public decidedly leans towards embracing the potential of embryonic stem cells. Indeed many believe embryonic stem cells hold promise for a cure to life’s most debilitating diseases. The media, Hollywood and many in government unceasingly promote this point of view.

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Dr. James Rossetti’s presentation clearly debunks these myths and plainly explains the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells. Most people do not even know about adult stem cell therapy and its successful use in treating disease. Dr. Rossetti, an adult stem cell transplant physician, explains how adult stem cells are used everyday, citing numerous cases, many from his own practice. He also explains the process of obtaining embryonic stem cells, which results in the destruction of human life and confronts the cloning issue as well. Dr. Rossetti is a board-certified internist, hematologist, and medical oncologist practicing in Pittsburgh, PA. He is a recognized expert in hematological malignancy. He is an accomplished clinical investigator and a sought-after speaker.