Bringing America Back to Life Convention Speakers

The most significant educational event for CRTL is our annual two-day convention and exhibition, which was first held in March 2010. We believe that through Prayer – Action – Voting – and Education (PAVE) we can build a culture of life.

The objective of the Bringing America Back to Life Convention is to provide a touchstone – a point of renewal for the local, regional, state, and even national pro-life movement.

Our goal is to cultivate a community of individuals and organizations committed to promoting and protecting the sanctity of life in all its stages. International, national and locally renowned speakers address the variety of challenges confronting our culture and the dignity of life.

Breakout sessions and workshops provide vital education and updates on how current events, science, and legal decisions affect the sanctity of life debate. We are currently rendering the audio & video for all of the Convention presentations.  Some are already available and as the rest become available we will publish them on this website, on our From The Median website, on our various Podcast outlets & on YouTube.  Publishing this material enables the Convention to become an educational platform and teaching aid to equip and engage groups and individuals interested in nurturing a strong pro-life group at the grassroots level, a necessary strategy in the fight for life.

Click here to see this year’s speakers.

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